How Do You Choose Interior Paint Colors for Your Home?

To choose interior paint colors for your home, decide how you want to the space to feel: warm and cozy or bright and energetic. Use samples to test wall colors with the lighting in the room, then paint a small space with the chosen color.

  1. Determine the feel of the room

    Kitchens and playrooms benefit from bright, cool colors because they are active, stimulating spaces. In spaces where people want to feel calm and relaxed, such as bedrooms, living rooms and dining areas, consider warmer hues.

  2. Use a color wheel

    Colors that are opposite on the color wheel are complimentary and can be used together to create intensity in a space. The color wheel also helps determine if a color is warm or cool; colors on the yellow side are cool while those on the violet side are warm. Play around with different color combinations to create your own unique color scheme.

  3. Test the lighting

    Colors can look drastically different in a store than they do in your space. Always take a color swatch home to test it in the space that you are painting. Have a sample size of the paint mixed, then paint a portion of the wall to ensure the color is right for the space.