How Do You Choose Interior Metal Stair Railings?


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Homeowners should consider safety, design and aesthetic appeal when choosing interior metal stair railings. The railings make a statement of their own, but this should never compromise their intended purpose in providing support and fall protection, notes Decoist.com.

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Before considering the style of the railing, homeowners should try to define the purpose of the railing. A staircase railing can extend up the entire length of stairs. It may also be a short railing that provides coverage for those first few steps before a wall. Some railings also run along the open side of a second floor loft for fall protection.

The style of the home also affects railing selection. Rustic wrought iron is going to conflict with a modern minimalist decor. Luckily, there are metal railings with barely there designs using thin wire or even incorporating glass panels.

Parents or those with small pets may want to consider certain designs over others, notes NotAPaperHouse.com. A railing with closely spaced posts helps keep small children from leaning through and falling. A design with lots of sharp edges and corners may also be a bad choice with kids in the home. Some designs even feature posts that extend from the stair up to the ceiling, which helps prevent falls, too.

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