How Do You Choose an Indoor Grow Light?


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When choosing grow lights to use indoors, consider the light needs of the plant, the location of the plant and the amount of lighting required for the growing space. High-intensity discharge lights are an efficient light source that are useful for many different plant species.

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High-intensity discharge grow lights are used for plant displays inside the home, as the lights do not alter the appearance of plants, and for supplementing natural light in greenhouses and other indoor growing spaces. Metal halide grow lights also provide natural-colored light while encouraging flowering and reducing foliage growth.

When foliage growth is desired, opt for high-pressure sodium grow lights. High-pressure sodium grow lights emit a strong orange-colored light, however, so this option is not ideal for displaying plants. Conversion bulbs are used to promote both foliage growth and flowering, as the bulb utilizes both halide and high-pressure sodium lights. If both halide and high-pressure sodium light fixtures are available, another option is to purchase both bulbs and alternate the lighting.

Fluorescent grow lights are used for supplementing other light sources, or for plants that require less light. Fluorescent lights are available in full-spectrum, cool or warm options. Choose full-spectrum fluorescent lights if a natural color is desired, and place plants under the ends of the light tube to ensure proper lighting is provided.

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