How Do You Choose House Siding?


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To choose house siding, consider its water resistance, ease of installation, energy efficiency, appearance and durability. Evaluate the type of weather in your area; if there is a lot of precipitation, choose a type of sliding that is resistant to water, as it is going to serve you longer.

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Figure out whether you want to hire somebody to install the siding or if you want to do it yourself. If you are installing siding yourself, make sure that the installation requirements are within your range of skills. Ensure the project doesn't require special tools you don't have and that it isn't dangerous, as sometimes harmful dust is produced when cutting the siding.

Evaluate each type of siding based on its energy efficiency by looking at the R-value rating. If you're in an area with hot weather all year long, this may not be as important to you. However, when living in a colder area, you may need to install a lot of insulation under siding that isn't energy efficient to keep the house warm.

Consider the appearance of the siding, as it defines the whole look of the house. Additionally, make sure the siding is rated well for longevity and is designed to withstand your climate for a long time.

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