How Do You Choose a Home Gas Company?

How Do You Choose a Home Gas Company?

To choose a natural gas company for a home, obtain quotes, compare the prices and services and read and sign the contract, notes the National Fuel website. Ask relevant questions of the companies, talk to current customers and fully understand the terms and conditions before signing the contract.

To choose a home natural gas company, use the following process:

  1. Obtain quotes
  2. Several state government websites offer comparative resources for natural gas rates, according to the Pennsylvania and Ohio Public Utility Commission websites. Use these resources to obtain quotes, or contact individual companies directly. Ask other important questions to compare as well, such as customer incentives for signing, if and when the price changes and if there are any fees.

  3. Compare
  4. Compare the rates, services, fees and other plan specifics among all of the suppliers. Talk to other current customers or look over customer reviews to determine the customer satisfaction rates. Customers may also want to request references from the different companies.

  5. Read and sign the contract
  6. After choosing the desired company, thoroughly read through and understand the contract and the terms and conditions. Ask the company any questions about the contract before signing and committing to the company. Sign the contract to begin service.