How Do You Choose the Best Harbor Freight Generator for Your Needs?


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To choose the best Harbor Freight generator for your needs, identify your power requirements based on the number and type of equipment to be operated on the generator. Accordingly, buy a generator that accommodates the operation of the equipment with the highest power requirement.

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To identify the power requirements of various equipment, first create a list of the devices and appliances under different categories such as home essentials such as lighting and pumps, household appliances, heating or cooling systems, and electronic items. Include any electric tools, motors and farm equipment that might be operated using the generator.

Determine the power needs of each device. To do this, consider the maximum output or starting wattage and the rated or running wattage of each device. The starting wattage refers to the power required to start a device, and the running wattage refers to the power required to run the device continuously. Usually, the starting wattage is higher than the running wattage, particularly in devices that feature motors.

The running wattage of a device should be given on its data plate or in the owner's manual. If it is not mentioned, estimate by multiplying the device's amperage and voltage.

Next, add the rated wattage of each device to determine the total running power requirement. Add to this the highest starting wattage. Match this figure with the output specification of the Harbor Freight generators, and choose an appropriate generator.

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