How Do You Choose Grout Color for Your Tiles?


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Choosing the right grout color for tile requires making a decision about what is most appealing for the tiled area. Grout color design choices fall into three main categories: contrast, harmonizing or neutral. In general, bolder colors draw more attention to the grout, while neutrals blend into the background.

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A contrast tile design involves choosing a grout color that is in stark contrast to the tile color. Typically, a contrast effect is achieved by pairing a dark grout color with light colored tiles or vice versa. For example, a dramatic effect is created by contrasting black tile with white grout. Another option is to choose a grout color that perfectly matches the tile colors, called harmonizing. An example of harmonizing is choosing green grout to go with predominantly green tiles.

Some home improvement experts suggest choosing neutral grout colors that provide some color, but not so much as to draw attention away from the tiles. Some basic neutral color choices are variations of gray, sandy tan or white. Bolder colors of grout can be tested under different lighting conditions before making a total commitment. Testing involves applying the grout to a small section of tile attached to plywood and observing it under artificial and natural light for a few days.

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