How Do You Choose a Granite Color?

How Do You Choose a Granite Color?

Choose a granite color for a countertop by considering the colors of your cabinets and other kitchen decor. Granite comes in a variety of colors to coordinate with wood finish and flooring.

The best rule of thumb when choosing granite color, according to, is to go with the different, but complimentary color from your cabinets. For example, black and dark gray granite looks best with white or light-colored wood like pine or maple. Darker granite colors also look better in large kitchens and those with contemporary designs.

Lighter colors tend to make the room feel more expansive, so go with a lighter color of granite if your kitchen is cozy. White granite, which usually has flecks of gray, brown, red or blue, looks great paired with darker wood cabinets, like cherry or mahogany or wood painted with an espresso finish.

If you love color, consider red or blue granite for your countertop. These colors pair best with lighter colors of cabinets. These colors look best with neutral-colored walls and flooring, making the granite color the focal point of your kitchen.

A safe bet when it comes to choosing a granite color is to stay in the cream and brown family. These earthy colors work well with almost any color of cabinet or kitchen decor style. The neutral colors make a great backdrop for colorful appliances and kitchen decor.