How Do You Choose a Good Irrigation Controller?

How Do You Choose a Good Irrigation Controller?

There are three things to consider when looking for an irrigation controller: whether it is indoor or outdoor, how many zones it can regulate and how many different programs can be saved to it. Irrigation controllers are essential for large lawn sprinkler systems or homeowners who want to automate their system.

An irrigation controller helps homeowners manage when and where their lawns are watered during the day. With a good controller, homeowners can set their systems to automatic and forget about them.

  1. Look at the number of zones
  2. Look at the lawn irrigation system and determine how many zones the controller will need to manage. Most residential systems are broken up into two to nine zones. Businesses may have 32 or more stations to manage in their irrigation systems.

  3. Decide on indoor or outdoor
  4. Determine whether an indoor or outdoor controller is needed. Indoor controllers must be set up inside a building where they are shielded from the elements. Outdoor controllers are more durable. On the other hand, an indoor controller can be plugged directly into a standard 110-volt home outlet.

  5. Think about programs
  6. Consider how many different irrigation programs the system needs to keep stored. The program is the schedule for watering different areas on different days. For instance, Program A is set to water the garden once a week, while Program B is set to water the lawn every day after six in the evening. A residential controller can save between one to four programs.