How Do You Choose Good Bathroom Colors?

How Do You Choose Good Bathroom Colors?

How Do You Choose Good Bathroom Colors?

Trendy color schemes can be found through an online search for do-it-yourself home design ideas, as well as in home improvement magazines and catalogs. As of 2014, popular bathroom colors include pastels and neutral shades, such as cream and beige. Dark and bright colors may make a small bathroom seem claustrophobic. A possible compromise is to paint one wall with a deep accent color, such as red, to add decorative appeal.

  1. Consider room size

    Acquire a feel for the size of bathroom you desire to paint. Larger rooms allow more leeway in color selection. Bright and dark colors make a small room seem even smaller.

  2. Start with neutrals

    Neutral and pastel shades reflect light and lend an open feel to a small space. Dark colors absorb light and may cause the wall paint in small room to appear darker than the chosen shade. Pale paints create a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere.

  3. Add tile designs

    White tile designs can offset a darker wall color. Tile that is slightly darker than the wall paint creates a dynamic environment. White, black, brown and gray accent colors provide a modern chromatic appearance. Large floor tiles expand a small space, whereas small tiles give the illusion of walls drawing closer together.