How Do You Choose Drapery Hooks and Rings?


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To choose drapery hooks and rings, consider the size that you need, the functionality, the style of the drapery or curtains and the number of hooks and rings that you require. You should consider the style and decorative aspects of the hooks and rings as well.

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Drapery hooks and rings come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and they are ideal for different types of drapery and curtains. Rings come in diameters that range between 7/8 inch and 2 inches. It is important to choose hooks and rings that are large enough to slide along the thickness of the curtain rod.

Curtain hooks and rings should be functional so that the curtain moves easily. The style of curtain also determines the type of hooks and rings to use. Traditional drapery requires different hooks and rings from pleated curtains.

There are also different styles of hooks and rings, from traditional rings to drapery pins, slip-on drapery hooks and pinch clips. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages and the buyer should consider all of these when choosing the ones to buy. Though drapery hooks and pins may be hidden sometimes, there are some that are visible and that have decorative stars or leaves.

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