How Do You Choose a Dining Room Lighting Fixture?


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Choose a dining room light fixture that adds functionality to the space. Find one that is proportionate to your furnishings as well as complements the style of the room.

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  1. Decide on the function

    Decide if you are looking for a simple overhead fixture that fills the room with light, or if you want an over-the-table fixture such as a chandelier. Depending on the size of the room, some spaces benefit from both a centralized ceiling light, as well as one over the table for more intimate lighting.

  2. Figure out an estimated size and shape

    Focus your search for a lighting fixture that complements the size of the furnishings in the room. For example, a large round dining room table would benefit from a circular chandelier, while a larger rectangular fixture would light more surface area of a long rectangle table.

  3. Find a complementary light fixture

    Look for a period-style lighting fixture if you have decorated the dining room in a certain time period or theme. For example, choose a traditional candelabra chandelier for an old-world dining space or one with crystal prisms for an elegant modern room.

  4. Match finishes and colors

    Choose the same finish for a chandelier for over the table that matches an existing overhead ceiling fixture. Use shades, prisms and other lighting accessories in colors that complement your dining room fabric choices and paint colors.

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