How Do You Choose a DeWalt Charger?


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To choose a DeWalt charger for your needs, determine what batteries you plan on charging. Common types of batteries include maintenance free varieties, wet-cell or flooded varieties, AGM or absorbed glass mat varieties, VRLA or valve-regulated lead acid varieties, and gel cell varieties. A multi-purpose charger is designed to work with many different types of batteries, but specialized systems provide users with a more efficient charging potential.

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In addition to selecting a type of charger for a specific battery, choose a charger based on the size of the battery. Different batteries store different amp hours, which require different types of charging. Those who need a faster charge may select systems that provide them with more amps, while those who do not need to charge their batteries so quickly may invest in smaller chargers.

In addition to the size and type of the batteries, choose a charger based on its individual merits and features, such as its ability to resist water damage in the event of frequent travel. More complicated chargers, such as those used for vehicles, may also double as power supplies. Additionally, think about how many batteries you charge regularly and invest in a multiple battery charger to load and charge several at once.

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