How Do You Choose a Custodial Cleaning Service?


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To choose a custodial cleaning service, interview different cleaning companies, know what services they provide, and find out if they use their own equipment. The more details they provide, the easier it is to choose the right cleaning company.

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Make decisions about the cleaning requirements before looking for a custodial company. Choose the type of cleaning that needs to be done and the desired frequency. This might be just vacuuming and cleaning the break room once a week, basic cleaning every day, or just getting deep cleaning and washing windows once a month. Many custodial companies do basic cleaning daily, including cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming and taking out the trash.

Interview the companies before hiring them to get as much information about the company and services they provide as possible. Ask if they provide their own cleaning equipment and how they select their cleaners. The business property might be cleaned when nobody is there, so having a trustworthy individual or team doing the cleaning is crucial.

Discuss all payment arrangements ahead of time. Some cleaning services like to be left a check every time they arrive, while other companies accept payment on a monthly basis or with online payments. Know what to expect before they begin.

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