How Do You Choose the Correct Size When Renting Storage Sheds?

The size and number of items you are storing in the rental storage shed determine the correct size. If the unit is for reducing clutter around the house, a 5-by-5-foot or 5-by-10-foot closet-sized shed is often adequate. Choose a 10-by-25-foot or larger unit for storing all the contents of a three-bedroom home.

Accessibility to the unit affects what you can store inside it. Some smaller units have hinged doors that make moving bulky items into the space difficult, so a larger unit with extra space and a roll-up garage door is worth the extra cost. Some storage facilities offer indoor storage, which provides greater security and protection from the weather but requires maneuvering the items down hallways and into elevators to reach the unit.

While storage companies typically advertise units by length and width, the height also affects the amount of storage the unit provides. Units with a 10-foot ceiling allow the renter to stack boxes and bins taller. They also allow storing long items standing on their ends, which is not always possible with a shorter ceiling.

Most rental companies are willing to work with customers who have selected the wrong size unit. If your items do not fit into the unit, speak with the management about transferring to a larger space. If you move items out of a unit and need a smaller one, ask about downsizing.