How Do You Choose a Cordless Electric Knife?

Choose a cordless electric knife by looking at safety and storage considerations, choosing the right type of handle, getting a model with the types of blades that you need and making sure the knife is easy to clean. Finally, choose an electric knife within your price range.

Once you decide to purchase a cordless electric knife, make sure to investigate the properties of the battery, such as whether it is rechargeable and how long the charge lasts. Knives with shorter charges are often more powerful than longer-charging ones.

Next, consider a handle for the cordless electric knife, since certain handles provide easier grasping than others. Make sure the model of handle you want fits the type of blade you intend to buy. Some models come with separate serrated blades for slicing meat and bread. Check to see if the blades can be removed for cleaning and whether they are dishwasher safe.

Consider how and where you intend to store the knife. If you plan to use the knife often, a storage case for the knife is unnecessary. If you have safety concerns and don't plan to use the knife regularly, make sure the model comes with a sturdy storage box.