How Do You Choose a Color of Superdeck Stain?


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Choose a color of Superdeck stain by identifying the dominant color in the area surrounding the deck and then using a color wheel to pick a complementary color. For example, if you have an orange brick home exterior, consider choosing a pale blue stain for your deck. In addition to color, select a Superdeck stain opacity based on your personal preference.

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There is no need to adhere strictly to the color wheel if you want a deck in a different color. For example, while red's complement on the color wheel is green, many people find that green and red make an unpleasant impression next to each other. If you have a red brick house or red siding, consider a neutral tone such as taupe or tan. For a striking impression, you can also choose a deck stain in the same color as your home's exterior.

Take your area's climate and environment into account when choosing a stain color. If you live in area with a great deal of lush vegetation, a pale-green deck blends in nicely. For homes on the coast or in seaside areas, a pale-gray stain gives the impression of deck weathered by sea air, while still preserving the underlying wood.

Opacity is largely a matter of individual taste. Transparent stains allow all of a wood's grain to show through. Semitransparent stains allow some of the grain to show, while providing a rich color. Opaque stains are similar to paint, as they completely obscure the grain.

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