How Do You Choose a Color of Nason Paint?


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Choose a color of Nason paint using Nason's traditional color tools such as swatches, samples and color palettes or by using the company's advanced color-matching devices. Nason's color-matching technologies include spectrophotometers, color-matching software and computerized paint mixers, ensuring an exact match with the original automotive finish.

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Use Nason's traditional tools including swatches, value strips and color wheels when trying to get a basic idea of a color match or when choosing a totally new color. However, these tools are somewhat inaccurate when matching an existing automotive finish with a color of Nason paint. Getting an exact match requires using Nason's technologically advanced color-matching tools.

The AcquireRX is an optical tool that uses a vehicle's existing paint finish along with its vehicle identification number when matching colors. Unfortunately, the AcquireRX is less useful if a vehicle has had any paint changes that are not recorded on its vehicle history report.

The Acquire Plus EFX is the most advanced color-matching tool Nason offers. This device is a type of scientific instrument called a spectrophotometer that records the precise wavelengths of light the vehicle's paint reflects and absorbs. The device matches the information it gathers with an appropriate paint code from Nason's database. The Acquire Plus EFX can even suggest paint mixes and shading techniques for any colors not in its database.

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