How Do You Choose a Cedar Fence Stain?


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Choosing a stain for a caedar wood fence requires careful thought as to how the stain affects a home's exterior appearance. Some stains create a noticeable contrast to the home exterior, while other stains blend in beautifully. Additional considerations include natural wood grain appearance and UV ray protection.

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When deciding which stain color to choose for cedar fencing, consider the full range of choices, from a light wood toner to a dark solid. Wood toners come in clear or light tint colors, which allow most of the natural wood color and grain to show. If a little more color pigment is desired without compromising the appearance of the natural cedar, a semi-transparent stain is a good choice.

Darker stains are ideal for covering up most of the natural cedar wood grain and texture. In this instance, the choices are either semi-solid or solid colored stains. Semi-solid stains give the wood an opaque color while allowing a bit of the natural wood to shine through. Alternatively, solid stain colors hide almost all of the wood and display bolder colors. Personal preference ultimately determines whether to go with a light or darker finish.

Sunlight exposure may also play a role in the decision making process for some people. Darker fence stains provide more protection from harsh UV ray light weathering than lighter stains.

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