How Do You Choose a Card Table and Chairs Set?


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When choosing a card table set, consider the size of the table and its condition. The table is the most important aspect, as the chairs usually match the table.

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To decide on the size of the table, choose where you are going to set it up, and measure how much space is available. Choose a table that is smaller than the available space, as you need extra room for the chairs and some space to walk around the table when the players are sitting at it. Choose a round table or a table that has one straight edge per player. Don't seat more than four players at a square table, as the players might cheat, accidentally see the cards of other players or feel like somebody else is trying to see their cards on purpose.

If you decide to buy a vintage or antique card table and chairs set, make sure that the whole set is strong and sturdy. Check how well the legs are attached to the furniture and the tightness of the joints, and ensure that the table does not wobble or rock. If the furniture is wooden, check for burrowing beetles, furniture beetles and woodworms, as these pests might destroy the set and spread to other furniture in the house. If the felt on the table is in poor condition, it might cost a lot of money to replace.

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