How Do You Choose the Best Brand of Carpet?

choose-brand-carpet Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

The best brand of carpet for the home or office should be chosen based on the specific needs in the area to be carpeted, the styles and fabrics the brand offers, the brand's reputation for quality installation, maintenance requirements, prices and the warranty coverage offered. The best service and quality is usually not from an online establishment or large department store but from a brand that specializes in carpeting.

The most important consideration in choosing a carpet style is the amount and type of traffic the area gets. Plush and saxony carpeting show use easily and are best for bedrooms and formal living rooms. Textured and berber carpeting are both durable options that hide dirt and do not show wear. These are suitable for family living areas. The most popular fabric is nylon, because it is resilient, durable and low-priced. PET polyester retains its color well and has a soft feel. Polypropylene is inexpensive and resists stains. Natural fibers, such as wool, are more expensive and harder to maintain.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a carpet brand is the installation. It is best to select a brand from an outlet that employs its own installers. If the brand hires subcontractors to install carpet, the subcontractors should have significant experience working with that brand of carpet. Most carpet warranties cover improper installation, but a good carpet warranty also covers manufacturing defects and guarantees against wear and stains.