How Do You Choose the Best Blind Spot Mirror?


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To choose the best blind spot mirror, first determine which type will fit the vehicle make and model. Next, make the decision if an adjustable or a side blind spot mirror is desired. Currently the most popular brand is the 71121 2-inch blind spot mirror, according to Amazon.com.

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Changing lanes is a crucial and necessary part of everyday driving. Merging lanes can occur on a major highway or smaller back road, but it must be done as safely as possible. The chances are that every time a person rides in a vehicle, they will change lanes. Although drivers become very comfortable with this maneuver, the blind spot is a significant threat, according to Infinityauto.com.

Areas that appear to be hidden from a driver's sight are referred to as "blind" spots. In most cases, the driver will rely upon the rear view and side mirrors to detect when another vehicle is near. But even with the several accessible mirrors, there are times when other vehicles will not be easily seen. One of the easiest ways to eliminate this blind spot is to follow the suggested guidelines in the vehicle owners manual. The manual will give step-by-step instructions for the best setting to avoid "blind spots." If this is not helpful, additional mirrors can be purchased.

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