Why Choose a Big Chill Appliance for a Retro Kitchen Remodel?

Why Choose a Big Chill Appliance for a Retro Kitchen Remodel?

Unlike vintage models, Big Chill appliances are energy efficient and come with modern features. Big Chill also offers a selection of over 200 custom colors to suit any interior design project.

As of 2015, Big Chill offers refrigerators, ranges and dishwashers with retro styling. Matching vintage appliances is difficult due to the lack of availability, but Big Chill offers the ability to have a set of kitchen appliances in the same style and color.

The original Big Chill refrigerator is Energy Star qualified with an automatic defrosting freezer. Vintage refrigerators require manual defrost which can involve chipping away at the frost that builds up around the walls of the freezer. A Big Chill refrigerator has a system to manage the temperature and an automatic moisture control. An interior icemaker is an optional feature.

To match the refrigerator, Big Chill offers ranges, a wall oven and a microwave. Unlike some vintage models, Big Chill stoves fit standard 24-inch kitchen cabinetry. The 30- and 36-inch models offer the largest possible oven capacity. Many vintage ranges of the same size have smaller oven capacity due to the thickness of the wall construction.

Vintage appliances often need to be restored in order to work properly. Parts can be difficult to find, and vintage appliances sometimes require special expertise to repair, since many appliance repair technicians are not familiar with old models. With a new appliance, these issues are not a problem.