How Do You Choose Bedroom Colors?


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Choosing bedroom colors involves considering the mood or atmosphere of the room, whether the goal is to create a more open room or a more intimate space, the style of the room homeowners want, such as glamorous, rustic or contemporary and the color schemes of surrounding rooms. When planning bedroom colors, people consider paint colors along with colors or fabrics of accessories, such as tables, the bed and curtains. To provide inspiration, Better Homes and Gardens offers a list of bedroom color schemes that create various moods and personalities.

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To create a cool, quiet space, neutral colors such as tan and ivory work well, as does white. White also lends itself well to creating an elegant and sophisticated space. A relaxing room can be created with neutral colors and lush pillows and simple but tasteful decorations, such as small accessories and a side table. Neutral colored walls make good backdrops for showcasing framed photos or paintings, which creates a modern and chic vibe.

For a more vibrant and energetic space, HGTV recommends bright and bold colors, such as pink, red, or yellow-green. People can paint the walls one color, and leave the boldest shade for the ceiling, which adds drama and gives the room more depth. People torn between colors can paint the body of the room with one color, and save another hue for adding appealing accents, like colored trim and window borders. When experimenting with color, regardless of shade, HGTV suggests painting a small sample on the wall first and paying attention to the room's lighting, as light can alter the appearance of colors.

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