How Do You Choose the Best Bedbug Spray?

How Do You Choose the Best Bedbug Spray?

To choose the best bedbug spray, consider the natural sprays over the synthetic ones, select sprays that are FDA-approved, safe and effective, and compare the features and composition of different sprays. Additionally, look for sprays that do not require dilution and can be sprayed on any surface.

Synthetic bedbug sprays contain chemical insecticides that can be toxic for humans. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has banned the use of many chemical bedbug sprays for this reason.

In comparison, the natural bedbug sprays contain biological insecticides, which are living organisms that can kill bedbugs. They do not leave any toxic residue and are safer to use, especially around children and pets. Natural sprays are less expensive than their chemical counterparts.

Comparing the composition of bedbug sprays helps determine if the spray is natural or synthetic. Natural bedbug sprays contain natural components such as cloves, coconut oil, peppermint, lavender oil and tea tree oil rather than chemicals.

Choose bedbug sprays with multiple features and functions such as sanitizer, fungicide, mildewcide, deodorant and disinfectant, as they can remove other pests to leave the bedding cleaner. A spray that does not need dilution and that you can use on any surface is more convenient.