How Do You Choose a Bathroom Light Cover?


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Choose an opaque bathroom light cover to create softer illumination, or select a clear cover to optimize the light provided by a fixture or sconce. When properly lit, bathrooms should be unshadowed without being bright to the point of causing discomfort. Selecting a fixture that allows for an attractive lighting level depends on the lighting and layout of an individual bathroom.

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Vanity lighting installations are typically the most common fixtures found in bathrooms. Choosing a light cover for a vanity fixture may depend on the number of bulbs and level of illumination it provides. More opaque covers can restrict light levels and ensure that bath and vanity fixtures are able to provide more focused illumination. Cover styles and designs may be limited depending on the size and mounting location of a bath and vanity fixture.

Sconces are popular fixtures that are typically mounted on either side of the mirror or in poorly lit corners of the bathroom. While selecting covers and shades based on their ability to alter light levels should be the primary concern, style is also very important when choosing a cover for a sconce that is more decorative than functional. Opaque covers for ceiling and alcove lighting offer a simple way to soften bathroom illumination.

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