What Do You Do When Your Chlorine Levels Are Too High?


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When chlorine levels are too high in a pool or spa, the first step to remedying the situation is to stop adding more chlorine to the system. If the system includes an automatic chlorinator, it is important to turn the unit off to allow levels drop to normal, according to San Francisco Gate.

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When pools are uncovered in sunlight, the chlorine-containing compounds mix with other chemicals in the water and become neutralized. Depending on the amount of excess chlorine, neutralization occurs naturally within a few days. San Francisco Gate says the water is not safe as long as levels are above five.

San Francisco Gate suggests speeding the drop in chlorine levels by draining some of the water in the pool and replacing it with fresh water. Water removed from the pool must be disposed of in an approved manner for its location. The District of Columbia warns citizens of fines for draining chlorinated water into storm drains. Water entering these drains does not receive treatment and feeds streams where excess chlorine causes biological kills.

A chlorine test kit can determine chlorine levels in the pool. While it is easy for owners to believe chlorine levels are too high due to an excess chlorine smell, San Francisco Gate warns the exact opposite is true. The chlorine smell is due to a reaction of chlorine and oxygen and is usually an indicator that the pool needs more chlorine.

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