What Is Chinese Sheetrock?


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Chinese sheetrock is drywall manufactured in China and installed in homes between 2001 and 2009. Some of this drywall emits volatile sulfur-containing gases affecting the health of home occupants and mechanical components of the home. The drywall causes a rotten egg smell that becomes worse as temperatures rise.

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The majority of homes affected by Chinese sheetrock are located in the southeastern United States. To determine whether a home is affected, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that homeowners inspect wiring and refrigeration coils for black deposits caused by a reaction between the copper and any sulfur dioxide that may be emitted by the drywall. Another indicator is Chinese markings on drywall in the home, although these may not be present. Laboratory testing provides corroborating evidence. In 2010, to settle a class-action lawsuit, the Lowe's home improvement chain agreed to pay homeowners up to $100,000 for damages caused by wallboard bought in its stores.

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