How Do You Childproof Baseboard Heaters?


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The most effective way to childproof baseboard heaters is to use covers designed for the purpose. Baseboard heater covers come in a variety of colors and styles to match most interiors.

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Baseboard heater covers are vented covers that completely enclose the heater itself, keeping dangerously hot elements safely away from children. Some are designed to slip over the heater without any extra hardware, while others fasten to the wall for extra security. Covers can be made of metal or wood.

Fireplace screens can be an effective deterrent for young children, although they are bulky and may be unattractive. However, older children may be able to get past or climb over these screens, which can knock them over. Fireplace screens may work best as a temporary option while covers or another permanent solution are being ordered.

Another way to childproof baseboard heaters is to make them inaccessible. Hiding them behind large enough pieces of furniture can keep them safely out of reach. This is less reliable than using covers, but using it in conjunction with playpens or baby gates can help ensure young children never have direct access to heaters. Although, this approach does reduce energy efficiency. It should also be treated with caution as placing flammable furniture too close to the heater can be a fire risk.

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