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Cheness Cutlery is a manufacturer of traditional Japanese swords. They are based in San Diego, Calif. with a warehouse in La Jolla, Calif. Cheness Cutlery blades are imported from China.

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Cheness Cutlery (also called Cheness Swords) was founded by Paul Chen, a practitioner of competitive kendo. In an interview on Sword-Manufacturers-Guide.com, he said that he founded the company to provide an introductory cutting katana that was of sufficiently high quality to be used for purposes other than mounting on a wall for display, but at a price point of around $200, which was significantly lower than most quality katanas.

The company primarily sells a line of cutters, katanas and wakizashi. It also stocks a range of sword replacement parts, such as tsubas, tsukas, habaki and saya, as well as sword-cleaning kits, tachi sword stands and table-top stands.

The company classifies its blades by the alloy used in their construction. The 9260 is a silicon alloy with increased resistance over the other model types. The 1060 and 1045 are forms of carbon steel that are lower priced and less resilient, but still suitable for dojo use.

The Paul Chen who founded Cheness Cutlery is not the same Paul Chen who is associated with the Hanwei Forge.

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