What Are Some Chemicals That Kill Nutgrass?


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Casoron, Roundup, Sedgehammer and Green Light Wipe Out Tough Weed Killer for Lawns are herbicides that kill nutgrass and are available to home gardeners. These chemicals are only effective at killing nutgrass before it emerges or when the plant is young, and they are not effective against mature plants.

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Nutsedge, known informally as nutgrass, does not respond to many herbicides due to a lack of uptake of the chemicals. This, combined with the fact that most herbicides have no selectivity when it comes to killing any plants where they are applied, renders most chemicals ineffective against nutgrass. Herbicides should be applied to nutgrass before the plants emerge, as this is the only effective way to treat them. Young and mature nutgrass plants are not effectively treated by these chemicals and are better treated through non-chemical methods.

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