What Chemicals Are Found in Ecolab?


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Ecolab provides a range of hygiene, pest control and sanitation products that contain different chemicals and active ingredients such as ethanol, ethyl alcohol, iodine and chloroxylenol. Products such as the Ecolab Flywipe are insecticides that work against a wide range of insects by using a common synthetic chemical called permethrin.

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Ecolab insecticides, pesticides and repellents work against insects and pest such as bed bugs, small and large flies, worms, rodents and mosquitoes. The Ecoloab Aero-Max has synergized permethrin as an active ingredient. This is combined with piperonyl butoxide, another commonly used chemical. The product is available as a spray and back rub lotion and protects cattle and other livestock against dangerous pests. The Ecolab Flywipe is also based on permethrin and is used against flying and crawling insects on different types of surfaces.

Products for personal hygiene and medical sanitation from the Ecolab range are generally based on active ingredients such as iodine, chloroxylenol or ethyl alcohol. These are chemicals that fight viruses and bacteria on surfaces or after contact with skin. Antiseptic hand-washing products such as the Ecolab benzalkonium chloride solution and the Ecolab Cloroxylenol solution decrease the number of bacteria on the skin and are commonly used in medical environments.

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