What Are Chemical Storage Containers Typically Made Of?


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The material from which a chemical storage container is made varies depending upon what kind of chemical is stored in it. The most common types are metal, such as aluminium or steel, glass, and plastic.

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Most chemical solvents are stored in metal containers. Large amounts of chemicals in the workplace must be stored in vented cabinets with a fume hood running continuously, as per Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.

Most chemicals are shipped in glass bottles and are safely stored in those bottles, according to the University of Maine Chemistry Department. The exception to this is any chemical that is flammable, in which case it is transferred to metal cans.

Peroxidizable substances, or those that make explosive peroxides when exposed to air, also need to be kept in a flammables cabinet. All containers should be clearly labeled and not be reused for different chemicals or food.

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