How Do You Check for Mold Under a House?


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The best way to check for mold underneath a home is to do an inspection of the entire basement or crawlspace, looking for signs of mold on surfaces and moisture spots. The inspection is done by the homeowner or a mold inspection professional. Mold is commonly found on walls, on ceilings and underneath carpeting.

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The presence of white mold underneath a home indicates humidity levels in the area are too high, because mold thrives in wet, humid conditions. The presence of black or brown mold usually indicates the space has been invaded by rot fungus, which is a more serious issue. Rot fungus mold causes structural damage, and getting rid of it often entails removing wood, ceiling tiles or wall sections where it is found. Rotting wood sections should be immediately replaced.

Another type of mold to check for during an inspection is Poria fungus. This destructive mold grows through wood or wall cracks and has roots. Poria fungus removal usually requires the services of a professional.

Depending on the climate area in which the home is located, homeowners can take certain steps to prevent mold from entering a basement or crawlspace, such as keeping these areas well ventilated, dry and protected from excessive moisture. Covering the floor with sturdy polyethylene plastic helps reduce the amount of water that evaporates out of the floor.

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