How Do You Check a Contractor's License?


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Checking a contractor's license involves either contacting or finding the Web address of a state or local licensing board. Most states in the United States require that contractors have a state or local license, notes the Contractor's License Reference site. Before verifying the license with the licensing board, it is important to ask for information, such as the name and the location of the contractor's place of business, the state or city from which he has a license and the license number.

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Use the following steps to find out if a contractor is licensed.

  1. Find the contact number or website address for a state or local licensing board
  2. Locate the Web address of the state licensing board by searching online for the city or state office that licenses contractors. Call the contact number provided or search by criteria such as contractor name, city, state, county, license number and license type, such as a certified plumber or electrical contractors.

  3. Visit the Contractor's License Reference Site
  4. Go to this website that provides a state map. Click on a particular state to find the specific state or local licensing board that gives information on contractors licensed in different fields, including electrical, plumbing and asbestos abatement.

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