How to Find the Cheapest Appliance Parts?


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Specialized department store portals, such as the Lowe’s appliance parts portal or Sears Parts Direct enables users to find cheap appliance parts. Parts can also be found on websites dedicated to selling replacement parts for appliances, including Repair Clinic and Easy Appliance Parts.

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Buying the correct, manufacturer-approved parts from reputable sources is tantamount to completing a DIY repair job correctly. Part numbers can usually be found in appliance manuals or on manufacturer websites. Serial numbers may also be printed directly onto the part or on an accompanying label.

Choosing the correct replacement part also demands that a correct diagnosis of the problem be made. Concise troubleshooting guides can be found in product manuals, listing problems along with possible causes. Making an incorrect diagnosis can quickly become a costly and time-consuming mistake when incorrect parts are purchased and installed in remedying problems incorrectly. Sites such as Repair Clinic not only allow users to shop for replacement parts, but also provide detailed guides for the diagnosis of problems and the installation of replacement parts.

The correct way to install parts may also be listed in accompanying pamphlets or on manufacturer websites, such as the Whirlpool replacement parts portal. Manufacturers also list technical support hotline numbers in their manuals, which can be contacted for assistance in self-installation.

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