What Is a Cheap Way to Get Firewood?

What Is a Cheap Way to Get Firewood?

Cheap ways to get firewood include searching online, purchasing a firewood permit, visiting the local sawmill and scavenging. Some firewood sellers do not advertise selling in bulk so it is a good idea to ask if that is a possibility.

Online local classifieds such as Craigslist are great places to find cheap and even free firewood. Be sure to ask about the quantity and quality of the wood before making a commitment to buy or purchase.

Purchasing a firewood permit is a great way to save on heating costs. Such a permit allows the owner to cut firewood on public land, mainly trees and dead-falls. It is important to understand the rules and regulations before cutting because they vary from one piece of land to another.

Local pellet factories and sawmills can be a source of cheap firewood in form of tailings and slab wood. Many sawmills however do not advertise firewood for sale, so call the office and inquire.

Lastly, scavenging can be a great source of free firewood. Trees leftover from land development and constructions are a good place to start. Other sources include dead-falls and blow-downs. Ask for permission from the land owner before collecting the wood. Some places may also require a permit to for scavenging.