What Are Some Cheap Wall Decor Ideas?

What Are Some Cheap Wall Decor Ideas?

Inexpensive wall decor ideas include hanging canvases, plates, self-made art and seashells. Other ideas include hanging fabrics, re-purposing old windows and adding old maps to walls.

People who want to decorate dull walls should hang canvases that take up most of the wall. Great places to get low-cost canvases include Target, where shoppers can choose from an array of designs.

Using a variety of plates featuring different colors, textures and patterns across a wall is another way to decorate on a budget. By attaching wire to the back to create a picture hook, the plates become easy to hang.

Individuals who are crafty may wish to create their own art. Ways to do this include printing off images and hanging them in glass frames, blowing up Instagram pictures and gluing letters onto canvases to make unique creations. People who have access to a beach can also collect seashells and hang them on their walls.

Ways to use fabric as a cheap mode of decorating include framing fabric samples and hanging them up. Individuals who have old large scarves can hang them, and those who want a neater finish can wrap a fabric around a canvas and staple it at the back. Adding old maps from unused atlases to walls achieves a vintage look. Finally, re-purposing old windows so they hold photos is a great way to save money on frames.