What Are Some Cheap Walk-in Showers Sold at Home Depot?

Some cheap walk-in showers that customers can buy at Home Depot as of October 2015 include a standard shower stall from Durastall and a round shower stall from Freesia. Another cheap, round shower stall is available with additional features.

The white 68 Durastall walk-in shower is the cheapest, is square, and measures 32 inches wide, 32 inches deep and 75 inches tall. It requires on-site assembly, and all of the parts are in the box, including the shower curtain, rod, drain and valve. The stall stands on its own and doesn't require fastening to a support wall. Some of its features include a slip-resistant floor, mildew- and mold-resistant parts, and a safety rail with built-in shampoo and soap holders.

The white Freesia walk-in shower is the second cheapest, is round, and measures 38 inches wide, 38 inches deep and 78 inches tall. Everything is included in the box for assembly, and it requires direct-to-stud installation. The stall features two high-gloss walls and a high-luster base that measures 34 inches. A curved curtain rod with a shower curtain and rings are also included, along with a two-shelf caddy, footrest, and shower drain and cover.

The third-cheapest walk-in shower is a white, round stall with the same measurements as the Freesia shower stall. This kit, however, features a contoured aluminum frame and a die-case rolling door system with polystyrene panels for privacy. It also has built-in soap dishes.