What Are Some Cheap Types of Heating Oil?


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Of the two types of heating oil intended for domestic use, kerosene is the more efficient, but heating oil number 6 is the least expensive. Aside from the two types, heating oil is also differentiated on grades.

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There are three different grades along with three intermediary grades. Grade numbers 1 and 2 heating oil are considered the two most common types used for residential heating. Number 1 is less expensive compared to number 2, but number 2 is more efficient than other fuel sources for home heating, such as natural gas, propane or kerosene.

The last grade is called heating oil number 6. This one is the least expensive of the three standard heating oil grades as of 2015; however, as the price implies, it is also the dirtiest. Using this type of home heating oil most likely corresponds to more frequent maintenance and cleaning of a furnace and heating system. Because of the high concentration of pollutants and sulfur, number 6 is gradually being phased out.

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