What Are Some Cheap Retaining Wall Ideas?

What Are Some Cheap Retaining Wall Ideas?

Building a retaining wall out of railroad ties, cinder block or concrete will save money and add beauty to a home. These options are usually much less expensive than natural stone, brick or interlocking concrete blocks.

When building an inexpensive retaining wall, check the prices and durability of the materials before designing the wall. For instance, railroad ties may be inexpensive, but they are hard to work with and require a lot of cutting and drilling. However, if this is not a deterrent, railroad ties make an attractive retaining wall that will boost a home's value.

Another inexpensive retaining wall idea is making one using cinder block. Cinder block is very inexpensive and homeowners can paint the block or surface it in stucco to add to its beauty.

Concrete may look dull on its own, but it is very durable and can be painted or given a stone veneer to enhance its look. Concrete is sometimes hard to remove or repair. Interlocking concrete blocks are fire and water-resistant and usually come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures.

By adding a retaining wall, homeowners can increase their property value and inhibit soil erosion. More expensive types of retaining walls include natural stone, which requires little or no maintenance, and brick, which usually requires professional installation.