How Do You Find Cheap and Pretty Furniture?


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One way to find cheap and pretty furniture is by going to an estate sale. Some of the sales have nice furniture or even antiques for a fraction of their value. Listings for the sales are usually posted on Craigslist.org. EstateSales.net sends alerts about estate sales nearby to signed-up users. Keep in mind that if a sale lasts several days, the best prices are probably going to be on the second day.

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Salvage and resale stores, such as Habitat ReStore, also have cheap furniture. These stores usually sell both used and new items for a low price. You may be able to find some high-end furniture if you are lucky. In addition to furniture, these stores also sell appliances and building supplies.

Stores such as Goodwill and Salvation Army are another good place to find cheap furniture. However, Huffington Post states that there has been a noticeable decline in the quantity of furniture available at these stores and an increase in prices. Local thrift stores usually sell furniture cheaper than Goodwill does, and they often have better items available. However, business hours of thrift stores may not be very convenient.

Yard sales usually have furniture that is several decades old, but a little imagination can turn some items into stylish pieces. Plus, it is possible to bargain with the owner to get an even lower price.

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