What Are Some Cheap Portable Sawmills?

What Are Some Cheap Portable Sawmills?

Some cheap, portable circular-blade sawmills include Foley sawmills, Lucas mills and Enterprise sawmills, while Baker, TimberKing, Hud-Son Oscar and Simplicity offer affordable band-style sawmills. SawmillExchange.com lists custom and shop-made portable sawmills that are often cheaper than professionally manufactured tools.

As of 2015, the cheapest portable sawmills cost between $4,000 and $10,000, and they typically do not include advanced labor-saving devices such as hydraulic lifts and positioning systems. Operating this type of sawmill is more physically demanding, and they may not produce as much lumber as hydraulic mills. The simplest mills include a saw attached to a gas-powered engine. Trailers to transport sawmills may not be included and can increase the cost of using the sawmill.

Cheap power-feed sawmills range between $9,000 and $14,000. These mills automatically load the logs through the mill, but their operators must position the wood. Some affordable power-feed mills include those by Cardinal, Wyndham and Chase. More expensive automatic sawmills typically include features such as more hydraulic controls, and have a high output capacity.

Mills with higher horsepower engines also cost more, and the engine's of cheap automatic-feed mills are usually less powerful. While consumers can find deals on sawmills that do not include their own engines, they must then supply or build their own engines to operate the mill. A Wendt circular sawmill on SawmillExchange.com that did not include a power source was listed for just under $20,000.

A complete sawmill operation, which includes everything necessary to increase lumber output and transport the mill, is available for as little as $16,500 on SawmillExchange.com as of October 2015. Capacity, horsepower, the age of the mill and its condition all affect the prices of sawmill operation packages.