What Are Some Cheap Pavers That Are Durable?


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Brick and concrete pavers are less expensive than many other paving materials, and they provide a good amount of durability. Some stone pavers can also be useful when trying to save money on pavers.

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Brick pavers are one of the more inexpensive varieties, though they are slightly more than concrete pavers. However, brick is a very durable material, allowing for a long-lasting material. This can help protect the investment since they don’t need to be replaced as often. Bricks also have the advantage of retaining their natural color for a longer period of time, even after being exposed to the sun. Brick also requires less maintenance overall than concrete.

Concrete is one of the least expensive types of paving stones. It comes in many different shapes and sizes, and can be dyed a different color. While less expensive than brick, concrete pavers do require a little more maintenance and don't last quite as long. Other advantages of concrete pavers include the fact that they are easy to install and there are more design choices.

Other durable paving options include natural stones such as slate, granite and marble. While stone pavers are very durable and long-lasting, they are more expensive than concrete and brick.

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