What Are Some Cheap Options for Using Primitive Home Decor?


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Inexpensively decorate the home with primitive decor by using common items, such as old jars, that are already in the home. Instead of purchasing antiques, decorate an existing piece of furniture in primitive style. Make expensive items, such as rugs, with scrap fabric or old clothes, and use natural materials, such as dried flowers, to decorate the home. To give the entire room a primitive appearance, paint the room using primitive painting techniques.

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To give a new furnishing, such as a new bookcase, a primitive look, spray paint the piece in a dark color, and sand the corners and edges to expose the wood. Stain the piece with dark-colored stain to complete the project.

Make a primitive braided rug by cutting old fabric, such as old clothes, into 1-inch strips. Braid the strips together, sewing the ends together as needed, until the rug is the desired size. Sew the braid together to form the desired shape.

Decorate windows with a primitive style by wrapping grapevines around the window frame if curtains aren't necessary, or make curtains from burlap. Another option to decorate in a primitive style is to hang bundles of dried flowers or dried herbs from ceiling beams. To paint in primitive style, paint the walls dark brown. After the paint dries, paint the walls with a different color, and sand the wall to expose the underlying brown paint.

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