How Do You Find Cheap Mercury Glass for Sale?


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Find cheap mercury glass by searching for the desired size and type at discount craft sites, such as Save On Crafts, or affordable home decor sites, such as Alibaba or Hobby Lobby. Cheap mercury glass is also available at discounted wholesale prices through businesses such as Kirkland's or Wholesale Flowers and Supplies. Another way to find cheap mercury glass for sale is to search thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales for discounted pieces.

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Mercury glass, or silvered glass, is clear glass that is mold-blown to create double-walled pieces. The pieces are coated on the inside with a chemical that gives the glass a silver, antique appearance. Mercury glass is used to make mirrors, vases, candle holders, lamps and other decorative items.

First made in the early 1800s in Germany, mercury glass was initially used as a cheap, tarnish-free silver replacement for doorknobs and candlesticks in poorer households. The glass became more popular in England and France, where it was used for goblets and vases. Mercury glass made its way to America, where craftsmen used it for spittoons, sugar bowls, tankards and tumblers.

As of 2015, mercury glass is an inexpensive and popular decorating solution for wedding receptions, holidays and other special events due to its trendy, shabby-chic appearance.

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