What Are Some Cheap Garden Design Ideas?


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Some inexpensive design ideas for gardens and outdoor spaces include creatively reusing already owned items, repurposing materials, shopping at flea markets and utilizing free local gardening groups. Garden designs can integrate seemingly different mismatched materials and items by adding a cohesive theme or color palette to items with stencils, paint, fabrics or accessories.

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A garden sitting area painted in a neutral, monochromatic color becomes a polished centerpiece of an outdoor design, notes RealSimple.com. Using essential items such as chairs, tables and benches and painting them all in the same color creates a new look for old or mismatched items. Adding placemats and cushions in matching fabric completes the look.

Items from the indoors can easily be integrated into a garden design. An old trunk or hatbox can become a planter, seat or outdoor coffee table. Choosing one piece and building around it helps create a cohesive, functional outdoor space.

Landscaping a garden inexpensively is easily accomplished by creating compost or obtaining free compost through local government agencies rather than buying fertilizer or mulch. Rather than purchasing perennials each year, the healthiest plants can be divided into smaller plantings as long as gardeners ensure they keep the roots intact and spread the plants among the garden. Vegetable and flower gardens can produce their own seeds from the existing plants for the next year's garden without creating the need to purchase new seeds.

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