What Are Some Characteristics of Great Kitchen Designs?


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The most important characteristics of a good kitchen design are the functionality, practical storage space and good lighting. According to Elle Decor, some of the most important elements of a well-designed kitchen are islands and counters.

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The kitchen is often the meeting point for families and the setting for parties with friends. This is why interior designers advise people to have a functional island or counter that can be used for many purposes. In a larger kitchen, an island can serve a few functions: work surface, eating surface, storage are and decorative area. In smaller kitchens, a smaller mobile counter with two storage sides can have the same functions.

Storage is also very important. One innovative storage idea is to install cabinets that slide out to hold cooking ingredients. Also, cabinets that open by sliding to the side instead of swinging outwards are a great solution for smaller kitchens because they take up less space.

One of the interior design trends of 2014, according to House Beautiful and Elle Decor, was open shelving. It is debatable if this is a practical option; if a person doesn't like dust falling all over the place and having to clean the shelves all the time, open shelving would definitely be a bad option for her. In any case, a great idea for a kitchen design has to be based on the needs and priorities of the kitchen owners.

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