What Are the Characteristics of a Good Washer and Dryer?


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Gentle cleaning and drying, quietness and a fair price are some characteristics of a good washer and dryer, according to Consumer Reports. Other characteristics include speed and the ability to work with at least 19 pounds of laundry. Depending on the space situation, smaller sizes may be good qualities too.

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Nineteen pounds of laundry is enough for most families, but larger families might want to look for washers and dryers that can deal with as much as 28 pounds of laundry. Depending on a person's preferences and space needs, a smaller washer and dryer may be better than a larger washer and dryer even if the smaller ones hold less laundry and take longer to wash and dry.

Noise can be a common problem with washers and dryers; good-quality machines can be placed near a living room or bedroom because they are relatively quiet. The quality of the wash and dry is important as well; the process should leave fabrics undamaged and as clean as possible.

Some people may prefer front loaders because they require less water. However, such machines generally take longer to wash. Clothes do dry faster because they are less wet, but the net time for a wash and dry may be longer than preferred because of the extended wash time. People who go through lots of laundry may not find front loading to be a good quality.

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