What Are Some Characteristics of Egyptian Furniture?


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Some characteristics of Egyptian furniture are ornate designs, mosaics, and depictions of animals and deities. Other characteristics of Egyptian furniture are gold accents and glass tops on the tables.

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Many modern pieces of Egyptian furniture have ornate designs using different colors and materials. For example, one table listed on eBay.com has a base in the shape of an upright cobra with brightly colored patches on the underside of its body and a gold tail and head. This table also demonstrates another major characteristic of certain pieces of Egyptian furniture – the depiction of animals, gods and goddesses. Other pieces of modern Egyptian furniture feature cheetahs, the famous child pharaoh Tutankhamun and the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet.

Many pieces of Egyptian furniture also utilize gold accents, in homage to the gold the ancient Egyptians used in their pyramids and tombs. Gold is often inlaid among designs of Egyptian furniture meant to evoke ancient styles.

Another characteristic of modern Egyptian furniture is the use of mosaic designs, especially on the tops of tables. Some of these tables feature mother-of-pearl inlays and are made from such materials as beech wood and mahogany. The designs of these mosaics are generally very intricate and detailed.

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